Rent new cars in Ukraine

In any car rental, several aspects are very important, among them:   Relationship to the client Car fleet Availability of insurance Timely maintenance of the car Availability of cars and any payments Today we would like to stop your attention on the company's fleet of vehicles, namely what kind of fleet we have and wh...

Подробнее 14.06.2017

Artega Scalo Superelletra - 1020 hp electric vehicle from Germany

Automotive designers often tend to give supercar bodies an extraordinarily intricate and strange shape, which is hardly possible to say about the Artega Scalo Superelletra. Artega started its activity not very successfully, having presented in 2006 the first sports car of its own design Artega GT, but went bankrupt six years later. Mark was revi...

Подробнее 23.01.2017

Online payment for car rental services

Credit card Visa, Mastercard Payment

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