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Welcome to the Avtodin TM website. Our brand is presented in different cities and offers car rental services all over Ukraine.


Initially AvtoDin Ukraine emerged in the early 2000s and began its work with the car rental in Dnepropetrovsk city, office located on Kirova av. almost at the intersection with the street Sverdlov (now the streets have other names).

The car fleet in the early 2000s had dozens of cars and was represented mainly by domestic produced cars. The fleet was expanded and added more classes of vehicles since the mid-2000s, including SUVs, business class cars.

AvtoDin throughout Ukraine

Today, our company represented in different regional centers of Ukraine and in the smaller towns, you will be able to find and take advantage of our services in Kiev, Lvov, Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye and many other cities.

Many consumers put the question about the difference between a rental from another if all offer plus or minus have the same cars, prices and rental conditions, it turns out that the presence of competition has the choice of no choice, because the market is saturated, but in fact has the same price offers.

We get an expensive car for a cheap price

AvtoDin offers unique price offers. Our system is intelligent, we offer price depending on the season, the fleet utilization and a specific car class, precisely because if you have used the form of calculation of the order - pay attention to the various vehicle classes, including more expensive. You can take a car of the middle class, such as Skoda Octavia, less than Lanos. Why is this possible? Because most of the cars in the class Lanos will be employed, and in the middle class on the contrary everything is free, so Octavia rent will be cheaper rent Lanos.

Choose a car and calculate the cost

In order to calculate the cost of the car rental and find a more profitable option, use the order form, as well as change the date and time of the rental, the place of receipt and return, when they change, you will get the change and cheaper prices.

If you need long-term rental, or you are a corporate client, we shall count for you a special price for long-term car rental or make a separate proposal on the brand of the car that you want.

In order to your convenience, the fleet is divided into different classes, as well as we offer a choice of currency on the site and you can see the cost of the rental car at any convenient for you currency.