Leasing and long-term rent

AutoDin offers special promo for everyone who would like to use the car for a long time. If the period of your rental is more than 30 days, or you want to rent a car for 1 year or more, we are ready to discuss individual rental conditions.

Rent a car for a company

If you are a representative of a company or you need several cars for your entire company, we are ready to provide any number of vehicles at your request and consider individual rental and payment conditions.

We work with companies and accept payments by bank transfer.

Cars for rent with receiving in property

It is possible to provide a car for hire with the right to buy out - financial leasing. You make an advance payment, pay for car rental, and at the end of the lease you become the owner of the car.

Do you want a car for financial leasing? Call 067-544-39-99.

A car for your wife and trips around the city

We receive an application for long-term cooperation very often, Some of or customers ask the rental price as cheap as we can because they would like to give the car to their wife, and she will travel no more than 30-50 km per day. Call us and tell us your requirements, we will find the best option.

Vehicle for the chief

We are ready to provide business class cars and SUVs for your managers. Our services are used by leading companies. Even if your boss is very demanding, we will meet his expectations.

Car for hire for sales agents

If you represent a company that is engaged in distribution and you have a constant or seasonal need for transport for your colleagues, contact us and indicate your requirements for the car, the proposal will be ready within one day.

Requirements for our cars:

  1. air conditioning
  2. CDW and TP insurance on every car
  3. Seasonal tires and tires change + storage
  4. Taxes are included in the rental price.
  5. Replaceable car in case of breakage or accident
  6. 24 hours support on the road and a tow truck for an accident or breakdown.
  7. Regular and extraordinary service is included

What to indicate to you for the formation of a rental offer:

  1. Class or brand of cars that you want to rent
  2. Number of cars
  3. Sphere of use - agro, city, ... .. country ...
  4. Payment options and rental period
  5. Special requirements for insurance or price
  6. Average monthly mileage of a car that you or your employees will do

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