Rent new cars in Ukraine

In any car rental, several aspects are very important, among them:


  • Relationship to the client
  • Car fleet
  • Availability of insurance
  • Timely maintenance of the car
  • Availability of cars and any payments

Today we would like to pay your attention to the company's fleet of vehicles, namely what kind of fleet we have and what requirements we have for it.


Our fleet is represented by different classes of cars. The classes with common designations, but since each car manufacturer dictates its car sizes and

increases or decreases certain parameters, the division into classes is a little arbitrary.

We presented the entire fleet of vehicles in 5 grades:


  1. Economy - cars with a cheap price, minimal comfort, but everything necessary for a trip
  2. Medium - in fact, this class can also be attributed to the economy class, in some classifications these cars are represented as a "B" class, sometimes as a "B +" class. These cars are bigger, more expensive and a bit more comfortable than economy class.
  3. Comfort - cars that are still very often called "C class", cars that are bought in the family or for business and work
  4. Business - it's more capacious sedans, family sedans or a car for middle-class businessmen, who will not let "fall face to face".
  5. SUV - cars with all-wheel drive both on a frame and on a frameless basis with an automatic transmission.

To all our cars without exception we make such demands:


  • Comfort - all cars have air conditioning
  • Safety - all cars are equipped with airbags and ABS
  • Each car undergoes regular maintenance, as well as it is serviced extra-if necessary
  • Tires on each car is installed according to the season and meets the requirements of road safety on the roads of Ukraine
  • Each car has a system of remote opening and closing of doors, so that you do not have surprises in the winter with frozen locks
  • Each car is equipped with crankcase protection, you are not afraid of pits, you will not break the car engine
  • The car must have a radio with MP3
  • Most of our cars have tinted windows that will save you in the summer heat
  • Each car has CDW and TP insurance
  • All cars are not older than 3 years old and do not run more than 100,000 km.

Our fleet has a large number of new cars this year, all the information you can see in the section of your city.


We try to make our cars the best and we offer them for you.


Опубликовано: 14.06.2017, 10:02